Gas prices nearing $4/gallon (

GOP eyes offshore drilling

Energy | Congressmen call to end the moratorium spawned by the Gulf spill--what's it worth to Virginia?
by Bridget Degnan
Posted 4/04/11, 04:24 pm

The recent spike in gas prices, triggered by turmoil in the Middle East, is prompting Congressional House Republicans to push for drilling off the coast of Virginia, thereby ending the moratorium initially spawned by the Gulf oil spill.

Included in this "drilling package," as some commentators have described it, are two bills that would reinstate previously planned oil and natural gas leases off the coast of Virginia and, ultimately, force the government to sell leases in the nation's most energy-rich offshore areas, which include the Atlantic coastlines.

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The Japan Syndrome

by Cal Thomas
Posted 3/17/11, 01:36 pm

In the 1979 movie The China Syndrome, reporter Kimberly Wells (played by Jane Fonda) witnesses an accident at a nuclear power plant and then uncovers a plot to keep it a secret in order to protect the power company's billion-dollar investment. The film was a gift to the political left, which at the time opposed the pursuit of nuclear energy to reduce our addiction to foreign oil. In some liberal circles, that opposition remains strong.

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 Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex (AP/Tokyo Electric Power Co.)

Power loss

Energy | Japan's disaster deals a huge blow to a global nuclear renaissance
by Paul Glader
Posted 3/16/11, 06:30 pm

Even if Japan avoids a catastrophic meltdown, the dramatic failures at some of its nuclear reactors deal a radioactive blow to public perceptions of the nuclear power industry.

The Japanese reactor problems "will cement reality" in the United States, said Roger Gale, a nuclear-energy consultant in Washington and former U.S. energy official. "[Already] we weren't going to have many new nuclear plants," he added. "We had already seen the [idea of a nuclear] renaissance bubble and then back off a bit."

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