Krieg Barrie

U.S. energy explosion

by The Editors
Posted 1/30/20, 02:40 pm


The decline in energy-related U.S. carbon dioxide emissions during 2019. The drop was mainly the result of less use of coal for electricity generation. The U.S. Energy Information Administration forecasts that emissions will fall 2 percent in 2020 and 1.5 percent in 2021. With the exception of 2018, when a cold winter prompted more energy consumption, American carbon dioxide emissions have fallen consistently since a small increase recorded in 2014.

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My turn: the three hardest words to say

Energy | Mankind’s ingenuity and the sun’s power show I was wrong about solar energy
by Joel Belz
Posted 1/16/20, 03:32 pm

“I WAS WRONG.” Some wise soul says those are the three hardest words for a human being to say.

Hard or not, I think it’s time for me to apply the confession to my long-standing disdain for those who think we’ll soon be heating our homes and powering our cars with solar energy. “Maybe in 100 years,” I’ve stubbornly conceded. “But no way in my lifetime.”

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Associated Press/Photo by Alex Brandon

Trump relaxes anti-coal regulations

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 6/19/19, 01:12 pm

The Trump administration on Wednesday finalized the rollback of the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, a sweeping attempt to reduce U.S. reliance on fossil fuels. Environmental Protection Agency chief Andrew Wheeler signed the replacement Affordable Clean Energy rule, which gives states more leeway in requiring coal plants to implement upgraded technology.

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