Associated Press/Photo by Mike Stewart

Trump continues fight in Pennsylvania, Georgia

by Kyle Ziemnick
Posted 11/17/20, 05:17 pm

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, said Monday he did not expect to find evidence of widespread fraud. The battleground state began a hand recount of votes on Friday. Last week, GOP Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, who are headed to critical January runoffs, accused Raffensperger of failing to deliver “honest and transparent elections.” Officials on Monday found 2,600 uncounted votes that broke 2 to 1 for President Donald Trump.

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Associated Press/Photo by Jacquelyn Martin

Trump supporters rally in Washington

by Lynde Langdon
Posted 11/16/20, 12:17 am

Chants of, “Four more years,” and, “Stop the steal,” rang out as protesters marched from Freedom Plaza to the Supreme Court in support of President Donald Trump on Saturday. Attendees cheered as the president’s motorcade drove by the demonstration on its way to Trump’s Virginia golf club. Pro-Trump rallies took place in cities across the country, including Delray Beach, Fla.; Lansing, Mich.; and Phoenix.

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Bryan Terry/The Oklahoman via AP

A “women’s wave” for the GOP

Election | As remaining House race results trickle in, Democrats cast blame and Republicans consider gains made possible in part by successful women candidates
by Harvest Prude
Posted 11/13/20, 05:50 pm

Democrats had to wait until a week after Election Day to hear confirmation that they secured control of the U.S. House of Representatives. The Associated Press on Tuesday night called three more House races for Democrats, giving them more than half of the 435 seats in the chamber. The current count stands 219-202.

But compared with the “blue wave” in the 2018 midterm elections—when Democrats picked up a net of 41 seats—the party now faces two years with a slimmer majority and may have only a four-seat margin.

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