Biden: Scott Olson/Getty Images; Sanders: Matt Rourke/AP

March madness

Politics | The once-full bracket of Democratic presidential candidates narrows to a pair of contenders and a question about what makes a moderate
by Jamie Dean
Posted 3/12/20, 03:52 pm

On the morning after a bruising Democratic debate in Charleston, S.C., former Vice President Joe Biden stood in the fellowship hall of a local Baptist church with a dark smudge on his forehead. 

It was Ash Wednesday, and Biden had dropped by a Catholic church earlier, where a priest applied ashes in the shape of a cross—a traditional symbol of repentance at the beginning of Lent. “Remember that you are dust,” a priest often says during the service. “And to dust you shall return.”

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Associated Press/Photo by Matt Rourke

Biden scores crucial primary wins

by Harvest Prude
Posted 3/11/20, 09:41 am

After pulling off victories in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, and Missouri on Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden invited supporters of Bernie Sanders to back him instead. “There’s a place in our campaign for each of you. I want to thank Bernie Sanders and his supporters for their tireless energy and their passion,” Biden said. “We share a common goal, and together we’ll beat Donald Trump.” Sanders won the North Dakota caucuses on Tuesday, while the race in Washington state was too close to call.

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Associated Press/Photo by Paul Sancya

Six more states hold primaries

by Harvest Prude
Posted 3/10/20, 11:07 am

Turnout in Washington state’s primary election may take a hit from the coronavirus outbreak. Voters are also headed to the polls in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, and Missouri, and North Dakota will caucus on Tuesday.

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