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Associated Press/Photo by Ng Han Guan (file)

Online drug deals prop up opioid crisis

Effective Compassion | A new federal task force tries to stay ahead of narcotics on the darknet
by Rob Holmes
Posted 4/11/18, 04:39 pm

A new battlefront has emerged in the war on opioids, as dealers go online to peddle illicit drugs by mail. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said drug deals on encrypted portions of the internet, called the darknet, are “pouring fuel on the fire of the national drug epidemic.”

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Associated Press/Photo by John Minchillo (file)

Something old, something new—and deadly

Compassion | As prescription opioid use declines, fentanyl-laced drugs are on the rise
by Rob Holmes
Posted 4/04/18, 02:35 pm

A deadly mix of the synthetic opioid fentanyl with methamphetamine or cocaine is spiking the number of overdose deaths in Ohio and other states already hit hard by the opioid crisis.

Ohio’s county coroners say the trend of lacing meth or cocaine with illicit, lab-produced Chinese fentanyl—which can be mail-ordered online—creates a substance 50 times more powerful than heroin, which is cultivated and harvested from poppies.

“Today it is more lethal than it ever was,” Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said of the new concoction. “People don’t really know how potent it is.”

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Associated Press/Photo by Elaine Thompson

Ex-prisoner’s blessing becomes a curse

Effective Compassion | Man sues state for rearresting him after letting him out of prison early
by Rob Holmes
Posted 3/28/18, 04:06 pm

A Seattle man filed suit this month against the Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) for rearresting him three years after releasing him from prison 76 days early.

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