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Associated Press/Photo by Astrid Galvan (file)

‘Panic poles’ save migrants lost in the desert

Effective Compassion | Amid national policy fight, U.S. agents rescue stranded illegal immigrants
by Rob Holmes
Posted 6/13/18, 01:36 pm

Rescue beacons are saving migrants’ lives as Arizona desert temperatures hit the summer sizzling point. A person lost on the U.S. side of the border only has to locate a pole and press the red button, and within one hour Customs and Border Protection (CBP) rides to the rescue.

Last year, the CBP’s Tucson Sector agents responded to 750 migrants who could have died if not for summoning help at a beacon.

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Associated Press/Photo by Jeremy Hainsworth

From ‘Just Say No’ to ‘No Big Deal’

Effective Compassion | Cities try to combat drug deaths by helping addicts use drugs
by Rob Holmes
Posted 6/06/18, 01:12 pm

Drug addicts are shooting up at supervised injection centers across Canada, and there’s a push to imitate them here too, The New York Times reported. A one-year pilot may open at least four sites in New York City with the full support of Mayor Bill de Blasio. Proponents say the sites make cities safer, but they delay or prevent addicts from finding the recovery and redemption they desperately need.

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Associated Press/Photo by Gerald Herbert (file)

House takes first step toward prison reform

Compassion | But some senators reject incremental approach to reducing recidivism
by Rob Holmes
Posted 5/30/18, 03:29 pm

A plan to help federal prisoners reintegrate into their communities passed with nearly 86 percent of House votes last week but met a cooler reception in the Senate. The proposal would commit $50 million over five years to reducing recidivism with methods that have worked in state prisons. Critics in the Senate say they won’t support the bill unless it also includes sentencing reforms.

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