Effective Compassion
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Neighborhood dysfunction

Compassion | San Francisco businesses and residents want the city to change its coronavirus policies for the homeless
by Charissa Koh
Posted 5/27/20, 02:36 pm

One evening in late March, Wayne Earl was preaching at a chapel service for the Bay Area Rescue Mission when a man began coughing uncontrollably. Earl, the shelter’s chaplain and programs specialist, ended his sermon early. He helped the man put on a mask and called an ambulance. The man tested negative for COVID-19 and returned to the mission. The next day, he said he became a Christian. “I was absolutely humbled by the Spirit of God moving here,” Earl said.

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COVID-19 threatens veterans’ mental health

Science | Isolation puts a vulnerable population at greater risk
by Julia A. Seymour
Posted 5/20/20, 06:41 pm

Rob Bailey sits alone each day in the Veterans of Foreign Wars hall he commands in Montgomery, Ill. Retired veterans no longer sit in the banquet hall and lounge, chatting with each other. Bailey, a U.S. Navy veteran, may send out emails or tidy up, but he’s always close to the phone, ready for anyone who needs someone to talk to. Some days, 10 to 12 people call him. On days the phone doesn’t ring, Bailey calls at-risk members of his VFW “family.”

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Shutdowns lead to rise in juvenile crime

Compassion | With support programs shuttered, more youth are getting into trouble
by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 5/13/20, 06:18 pm

When the Boys and Girls Clubs of South Central Kansas offered educational programming over a Zoom call for the first time on Monday, more than 30 families signed on to participate. Many of them had several children on a single device.

“I think it shows the desire … for the personal connection that they’ve had in the past,” said Anne Chandler, the organization’s director of development.

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