Effective Compassion
Associated Press/Photo by Jessica Hill

Congress ups support for opioid fight

Compassion | Billions of dollars approved for treatment and overdose prevention
by Rob Holmes
Posted 10/10/18, 04:40 pm

The U.S. Senate passed a bipartisan opioid bill last week that authorizes new tools and $8.5 billion to combat the nationwide crisis of overdose and death fueled by synthetic drugs such as fentanyl.

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Associated Press/Photo by Robert F. Bukaty (file)

The battle over begging

Compassion | Cities and the ACLU squabble in court over panhandlers’ rights
by Rob Holmes
Posted 10/03/18, 01:59 pm

Pushback to anti-panhandling laws is growing, even in places with comparatively scant homelessness, like Iowa. Thousands of cities have “no soliciting” laws, and last month the American Civil Liberties Union challenged three Iowa communities on the grounds that ordinances against panhandling infringed on homeless residents’ freedom of expression.

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Creative Commons/Photo by Robot Brainz

A chance of restoration

Compassion | Colorado’s high court defends a law allowing inmates convicted as juveniles to be resentenced
by Charissa Crotts & Kiley Crossland
Posted 9/26/18, 05:43 pm

The Colorado Supreme Court last week upheld a law allowing state courts to resentence inmates who received life sentences without parole as juveniles.

A Colorado district attorney challenged the 2016 law, which created a distinction in resentencing for a handful of state prison inmates serving a life sentence for felony murder. The felony murder rule allows a defendant to be charged with first-degree murder for a killing that occurs during a dangerous felony, even if the killing was unintentional.

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