Single-sex ed

Education | TeamBush announces rule changes to offer a new choice in public schools
by Tim Graham
Posted 5/18/02, 12:00 am

The Young Women's Leadership School sits at the intersection of 106th Street and Park Avenue in East Harlem-and at the intersection of a school-reform debate in Washington. The school is a regular New York City public school for grades 7 to 12, except it's only for girls. The school's success with its low-income, largely Hispanic and African-American student body-all 32 graduating seniors went to college last year, many of them the first college students in family history-places anti-choice liberals in an uncomfortable position.

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Q & A with 'God'

Education | Scholastic book club targets Christian-school market with extrabiblical, anti-biblical Conversations with God
Posted 5/11/02, 12:00 am

Micah Harvey, a freshman at the University of Alabama, sent WORLD a letter noting that "Abercrombie and Fitch, record companies, and Pepsi are producing commercials, magazines, and catalogs that portray sexuality as the norm for teenage girls." He's right, and those companies are beginning to receive the criticism they deserve. But something even worse is passing under the radar: books marketed to schoolkids by long-trusted companies that push amorality as the norm for everyone.

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You oughta know

Education | This is not your mother's abstinence class: Hard-hitting, fact-based abstinence message, wrapped in MTV packaging, is edging out amoral sex-ed curricula
by Susan Olasky
Posted 1/22/00, 12:00 am

Head about 175 miles south of Duncanville to another class of 9th-grade Texans-this one in Leander, a town northwest of Austin, but also with lots of students dressed in Jnco jeans or cargo pants, tattered hems scraping the floor. The boys in baggy shirts and the girls in tight sweaters slouch into their seats, with cleaner-cut kids up front and slackers in the back. They turn semi-sullen faces toward Kem Haggard, a middle-aged guy in khakis and a Mickey Mouse golf shirt, whose job it is to help students see that they should wait to have sex until marriage.

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