Shrinking history

Education | Teachers and historians are divided over a plan to begin the AP world history course at 1450
by Leigh Jones
Posted 6/27/18, 03:52 pm

Imagine a world without the Roman Empire, the Vikings, the Great Wall of China, or the spread of the early church and its influence on civilization. Nothing of significance happened in the world before 1450, right?

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Associated Press/Photo by Elise Amendola

Battling racial bias at Harvard

Education | A lawsuit challenges the Ivy League school’s limits on Asian-American applicants
by Leigh Jones
Posted 6/20/18, 03:53 pm

Efforts to expunge racial discrimination in higher education usually focus on increasing the number of minority groups on campus, but not at Harvard.

The nation’s premier Ivy League school has spent decades trying to limit the number of Asian-American students on campus, an effort critics say effectively blocks them from future influence in the powerful U.S. public and private institutions where Harvard’s graduates often land.

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Associated Press/Photo by Julio Cortez

Walmart rolls back college costs

Education | The nation’s largest retailer becomes the biggest private company to offer low-wage workers a higher education benefit
by Leigh Jones
Posted 6/13/18, 01:51 pm

Walmart unveiled a plan last month to help its associates earn a college degree—for the ridiculously low rollback price of $1 a day. Although not the first U.S. employer to offer a college partnership program, it’s the largest. It’s also one of the only companies to offer the benefit to entry-level employees who might not otherwise have a chance to further their education and improve their job prospects.

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