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Scholars unwrap ancient biblical text

Religion | Text from charred artifact mirrors Old Testament verses from the Bible’s third book
by Samantha Gobba
Posted 9/22/16, 01:07 pm

When archeologists in the 1970s found a charred scroll in the Holy Ark in the Synagogue of Ein Gedi, an ancient Hebrew town burned in A.D. 600, they never imagined they might be able to read it.

But recent advancements in non-invasive imaging and even newer processing software allowed an international team of experts to “unwrap” five damaged, but legible layers of the animal skin to reveal Leviticus 1:1-9 and Leviticus 2:1-11.

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Climate model snubbed for politically incorrect origins

Climate Change | Journal drops global warming research paper by scientists who used pseudonyms to evade reviewers’ bias
by Julie Borg
Posted 9/22/16, 11:04 am

Science is defined as knowledge about, or study of, the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation, according to the dictionary. But apparently those facts are only worthy of publication in scientific journals if they agree with the political agenda of the day. At least that’s what two scientists who don’t believe in manmade climate change discovered recently.

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Associated Press/Photo by Tsafrir Abayov

Archeologists discover ancient Philistine graveyard

History | Dig is shedding light on the origins of the Israelites’ archenemy
by Julie Borg
Posted 7/14/16, 11:18 am

Archeologists in southern Israel recently unearthed nearly 150 ancient Philistine grave sites near the Mediterranean seaport of Ashkelon, one of five major ancient Philistine cities.

Although they did not find the remains of Goliath, the giant Philistine warrior of the Bible whom young David felled with a slingshot, the experts are nevertheless excited about the nearly 3,000-year-old find. It is the first ever discovery of a Philistine burial ground. They hope it may help solve the baffling mystery of the origin of the ancient Israelites’ archenemy.

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