Minding Mississippi

Disaster | Volunteers and locals continue the long, slow, and unheralded process of rebuilding after Katrina
by Jamie Dean
Posted 4/08/06, 12:00 am

BILOXI and PASS CHRISTIAN, Miss.-At 81 years old, all Felicia O'Connor wants is "a clean place to sleep and somewhere to make my coffee." For the past four months, Mrs. O'Connor has been sleeping and making coffee in a tiny FEMA travel trailer on a narrow lot behind her small, water-logged home in Biloxi, Miss. Hurricane Katrina filled the one-story house with 6 feet of sea water, destroying everything inside and leaving it uninhabitable.

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Forecast: accumulating exhaustion

Disaster | Weathering an alphabet's worth of storms, relief workers await relief
by Priya Abraham
Posted 11/05/05, 12:00 am

Sleepy and "semi-conscious" the morning after his seventh trip to the Gulf Coast in as many weeks, Gary Lundstrom could not promise he would be coherent for an interview. By now the international projects director for Samaritan's Purse and his staff should be shifting to delivering their annual Christmas shoeboxes. But the disasters aren't letting up.

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Tsunami turnabout

Disaster | Indonesian islanders who escaped December's disaster are still shaking from spring quakes
by Priya Abraham
Posted 4/23/05, 12:00 am

Simeulue and Nias may be the postcard ideal of paradise on earth with their white-sand beaches and coconut palms, but locals have found life on these Indonesian islands hellish lately. Since an earthquake measuring 8.7 on the Richter scale hit the area in late March, thousands continue to flee aftershocks and endure days increasingly marked by dangerous instability.

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