'Ring of fire'

Disaster | Rescue workers and aid groups rush to help victims of Japan's worst earthquake on record
by Jamie Dean
Posted 3/11/11, 05:59 pm

A colossal tsunami followed the largest earthquake ever recorded in Japan on Friday, devastating coastal communities and killing at least hundreds. Authorities expected the death toll to rise as rescue workers reached hardest-hit communities, and Prime Minister Naoto Kan declared: "The earthquake has caused major damage in broad areas of northern Japan."

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Survivors gather last Saturday (AP/Photo by Danny Johnston)

Survivor reunion

Disaster | Victims of the June 11 Arkansas flood gather to share hugs and memories and to honor God
by Melody Karpinski
Posted 7/31/10, 03:12 pm

On what appeared to be a relatively calm June evening, dozens of vacationing families at an Arkansas campground put out their campfires and headed for their tents for a good night's sleep. But around 2 a.m., after heavy rain, flash floods began to rip through the campsites, with water rushing as high as eight feet above the banks of the nearby Little Missouri and Caddo rivers.

The June 11 floods left 20 people dead and the entire Albert Pike campground a disaster area.

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Opryland Hotel on Monday (AP/Photo by Mark Humphrey)

After the deluge

Disaster relief | Tennesseans of all stripes pitch in to help their flooded-out neighbors
by Jamie Dean
Posted 5/07/10, 08:14 pm

The massive relief effort unfolding in deluged Nashville a week after the region suffered its worst flooding since 1937 is a little like the country music the city made famous: It's got everything from crooners to convicts to churchgoers. All are pitching in after flooding and tornadoes killed at least 29 people in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky last weekend. More than 13 inches of rain fell on Middle Tennessee in two days, which overflowed the Cumberland River, flooded thousands of homes, and wreaked at least $1 billion worth of damage in Nashville alone.

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