Damaged goods

Religion | Even the most grievously harmed people are not irreparable
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 10/21/17, 10:16 pm

A woman my age whom I have known for years doesn’t drive a car and relies on rides from people everywhere she goes. I learned only recently that her brother died at age 19 in an automobile accident.

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Director’s cut

Voices | God is fitting his people for new heavens and new earth
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 10/11/17, 07:15 pm

Jean-Paul Sartre’s view of hell is not instruments of torture but other people: “L’enfers, c’est les autres.” He wrote a play to that effect in 1944 called No Exit. Three not-so-dearly departed souls find themselves locked in a nondescript waiting room together for all eternity: Joseph Garcin, callous and cowardly former adulterer; Estelle Rigault, shallow high-society gold digger; Inès Serrano, cruel and self-aware manipulative lesbian.

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Charles Guerin-Morgan Dessalles/

The healing place

Voices | Not the healthy but the sick who need a doctor
by Mindy Belz
Posted 9/27/17, 06:45 pm

The travel guides hype Washington Square or Bryant Park as the best places to people-watch in New York City, but I’m going to give you a big tip: For my money, the best people-watching happens in the 10-block radius New Yorkers call “bedpan alley.” There Memorial Sloan Kettering’s renowned cancer center abuts four other big-name medical facilities along leafy avenues near the East River.

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