Sophia with her parents

I’m Somebody’s child

Faith & Inspiration | This Thanksgiving, my earthly parents reminded me of my heavenly one
by Sophia Lee
Posted 12/04/17, 02:27 pm

I love the smell of my parents’ house. I visited my parents in Northern Virginia this Thanksgiving, and the moment I walked in, I smelled the pungent, crisp whiff of my mother’s fresh-made kimchi—traditional Korean fermented cabbage, still raw and crunchy in the giant stainless steel bowl she uses to massage the vegetables with chili paste. As I kissed my father’s cheek hello, I smelled his familiar aftershave. Then I ran upstairs to kiss my mother, and smelled her sweet milky lotion.

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The sunny side

Faith & Inspiration | Cultivate thanksgiving, and your outlook on the world will brighten
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 11/09/17, 01:17 pm

I’ve always wanted to be an optimist because they are fun to be around. Instead I became a Christian. Which is an optimist but with good reasons. If I were not a Christian, I would be utterly unbearable.

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Damaged goods

Religion | Even the most grievously harmed people are not irreparable
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 10/21/17, 10:16 pm

A woman my age whom I have known for years doesn’t drive a car and relies on rides from people everywhere she goes. I learned only recently that her brother died at age 19 in an automobile accident.

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