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Unsweet sorrow

Relationships | Apologizing to those we’ve wronged is a painful but important thing to do
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 5/10/18, 12:57 pm

In 2006 I wrote a column on forgiveness and why it’s the hardest thing we ever do, accounting for why we hardly do it.

Recent currents in American life have shifted my focus to that correlative activity to forgiving: apologizing. Apologizing is surely the runner-up for the most difficult of human activities, and I would venture this reason: Your problem in forgiving is my problem in apologizing.

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Sophia Lee

Learning to receive beauty compliments

Faith & Inspiration | Gaining a fresh perspective on God-given beauty, inside and out
by Sophia Lee
Posted 4/30/18, 02:56 pm

I was at a homeless shelter in San Diego, trailing a gruff nonprofit CEO around, when I met Liz, a 24-year-old woman with ashy blond hair and a bright smile.

For more than seven months, Liz had been living in a tent in one of the roughest parts of town due to some mental health issues. Liz may have been sleeping on the concrete pavement and gotten her cell phone, handbags, and clothes stolen, but it seemed nobody had been able to steal her confidence in her God-given beauty.

“You want to see something beautiful?” she asked.

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Photo by Sophia Lee

A cry out to God

Faith & Inspiration | No matter our background, times of trouble and sorrow prod us instinctually to call out to our Creator
by Sophia Lee
Posted 4/16/18, 05:57 pm

The first time I met John, he did not care for God. “Where is God?” he cried, looking up into the smog-washed Los Angeles night sky. “Where is He in all this chaos?”

His life, he knew, was not an upstanding one, even though he had once donned a blue-and-white sailor suit to sing in his church’s boys’ choir. Today, at age 61, John is homeless, pickled with decades of alcoholism, and alternating between anger and apathy toward God. He wonders how, if there truly is a God, He could sit back and watch all the devastation unfolding in the world He created.

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