Words aptly spoken

Faith & Inspiration | From Balaam to the Broadway District, God can send His Word by means we least expect
by Sophia Lee
Posted 6/19/18, 05:25 pm

I live in a neighborhood that seems to be the proselytism hub of Los Angeles. Let me describe why.

Recently, I was doing a quick run around my block when a woman jumped out of a corner, scaring me out of my skin. I skidded to such a sudden stop that my knee made a resentful “pop!” sound. The Hispanic-looking, guava-shaped woman, who had a long jet-black braid that swung near her hips, thrust a pamphlet at me and said, “Jesús te ama!” I refused the pamphlet, and though I smiled at her, frankly I was a little annoyed.

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Krieg Barrie

A half-full glass

Faith & Inspiration | Rejoicing over glitches
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 5/24/18, 03:31 pm

Life is full of semi-miracles: Let us rejoice and be glad.

If you’ve ever sat in a markup session where senators edit prospective federal laws, you’re not surprised that most legislation is messy sausage-making.

If you’ve ever visited a Hollywood set and seen how complicated the filmmaking process is, you’re not surprised that most movies flop.

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Slow to write

Faith & Inspiration | Restraint isn’t popular in journalism or life, but it’s often the way to the truth
by Jamie Dean
Posted 5/11/18, 02:52 pm

Sometimes the work of a reporter feels like something akin to an iceberg. I don’t mean work that’s cold, isolated, and potentially destructive, though journalism apart from heart and humility can become just those things. 

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