Krieg Barrie

Here for a reason

Faith & Inspiration | Evil days may be ahead, but God picked us for such a time as this
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 12/13/18, 05:12 pm

In college we read a hot new book called Future Shock (1970) telling what to expect ahead and how to deal with it. Predictions included paper wedding gowns, rent-a-persons, and “a system that would store a consumer’s profile-data about his occupation and interests in a central computer … and instantaneously notify him when something appears that concerns him.”

Here are some things Alvin Toffler missed in his crystal ball:

• Cake bakers in Oregon not allowed not to bake a homosexual-themed cake.

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Thanksgiving as a pastor’s kid

Faith & Inspiration | Counting my blessings in my not-so-normal family life
by Sophia Lee
Posted 12/04/18, 01:34 pm

I was the most ungrateful person on Thanksgiving this year. Every year, I fly from Los Angeles to northern Virginia to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. And this time, I flew there with an attitude. 

I could blame how I barely slept on a red-eye flight next to a child who kept stretching her legs out on top of me. I could blame how I was cold and hungry throughout the 5½-hour flight. But the fact is, that attitude comes from a fundamental truth that I can never change: I am a pastor’s kid. 

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Advent journalism

Faith & Inspiration | Luke’s orderly account of Christ’s birth and life is inspiration for Christian reporting and other God-glorifying endeavors
by Jamie Dean
Posted 11/30/18, 12:27 pm

With the first day of Advent arriving on Sunday, it’s a worthy moment to think about the journalism of Advent. Not the advent of journalism—but the kind of journalism that Advent encourages. 

The book of Luke opens with the most oft-cited account of Jesus’ birth, but it also begins with a note from the author. We know that Luke was a physician and a companion of the Apostle Paul, but in the first four verses of his gospel account, Luke also sounds like a journalist. 

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