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Popsicle philosophy

Theology | Simple pleasures can remind us of what we have in common
by Sophia Lee
Posted 8/05/20, 05:29 pm

There’s a popular Korean saying that I always heard growing up: “You can’t spit at a smiling face.” I’ve never spat in anyone’s face before, smiling or scowling, but I did notice this: I can never seem to despise someone enjoying a popsicle. 

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Walking stick

Religion | A habit with a great and godly history behind it
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 6/11/20, 04:52 pm

My father finds it amusing that I keep a collection of walking sticks hidden behind a tree stump near the wrought iron gate to the wooded cemetery where we walk each day. You don’t need it, he is thinking, and even he in his 96th year elects to be a biped, not tri-ped, for as long as he is able.

To his puzzlement regarding my enamorment of shards of American sycamore branches that line our winding way I give the same reply each time: I like the feel of them, both in my hand and as they scrape the road below and make an earthy sound and ground me in creation.

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A Philippians 2 spotlight on my arrogant heart

Relationships | What would happen if Christians did better at living out a call to humility?
by Sophia Lee
Posted 5/28/20, 03:55 pm

If you have a journalist for a friend, I am sorry. Or maybe it’s just me. My friends can’t enjoy a decent hang-out session with me without me fact-checking their statements, sharing my opinions on every relevant and irrelevant issue, and reminding them of all the dark and depressing issues that they’d rather not dwell on at that moment. Please have pity on my friends. 

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