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‘Oddly fundamentalist’

Arts | Pride Month and the shrinking public space for dissent
by Mary Jackson
Posted 6/21/19, 03:27 pm

Amid Pride Month’s rainbow-saturated frenzy, Taylor Swift released a pro-LGBT anthem this week whose title and message seems misdirected at Christians: “You Need to Calm Down.”

Swift’s song and Pride Month’s massive-scale push for LGBT orthodoxy are hardly calming. For those who espouse Biblical beliefs about marriage and sexuality, there is no room left in the entertainment industry or public sphere for even quiet adherence.

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Gloria Vanderbilt dies at age 95

by Kyle Ziemnick
Posted 6/17/19, 01:00 pm

Gloria Vanderbilt, an heiress to the Vanderbilt family and designer of a famous line of jeans, died Monday after suffering from advanced stomach cancer. She was 95. Her son, CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper, announced the news in a first-person obituary. “What an extraordinary life. What an extraordinary mom,” Cooper said.

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It’s not just for kicks

Sports | Women’s soccer continues to find itself in the shadow of the men’s game
by Kyle Ziemnick
Posted 6/14/19, 04:50 pm

The French women’s national soccer team made a statement last Friday when it opened the FIFA Women’s World Cup competition on its home turf by defeating South Korea 4-0. But the U.S. team made an even bigger splash in France on Tuesday with its devastating and record-breaking 13-0 drubbing of Thailand. But despite the domination of such teams on the global scale, women’s soccer faces controversy both in the United States and around the world.

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