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More than overcomers

News | In a fortnight of darkness, light pierces through
by Jamie Dean
Posted 5/09/19, 11:11 am

Like many journalists, WORLD reporters hear a common question: How do you cope with writing about so many difficult things? Thankfully, WORLD aspires to cover both good and bad news, but some days do appear especially dark.

During the last days of April and first week of May, some moments of darkness seemed nearly to swallow the light, but courageous men and women sought to overcome evil with good.

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One dead, two arrested in Colorado school shooting

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 5/08/19, 10:26 am

Two students on Tuesday shot and killed one classmate and wounded eight others inside their charter school near Denver. Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock said Devon Erickson, 18, and a younger student walked into the STEM School Highlands Ranch with two handguns and began shooting students in two classrooms. The school’s security guard detained one suspect, and within minutes, deputies from a nearby sheriff’s department substation ran into the school and arrested both suspects after a struggle. Spurlock said the deputies’ quick response helped save lives.

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Associated Press/Photo by David T. Foster III/The Charlotte Observer

UNC Charlotte identifies slain students

by Lynde Langdon
Posted 5/01/19, 01:32 pm

UPDATE: The University of North Carolina at Charlotte clarified some details of the deadly shooting that happened Tuesday, including the names of the victims and the fact that the suspect had withdrawn from classes. The university said 21-year-old Riley Howell of Waynesville, N.C., and 19-year-old Ellis Parlier of Midland, N.C., died in the attack. Wounded were 20-year-old Rami Alramadhan of Saihat, Saudia Arabia; 20-year-old Sean Dehart of Apex; 23-year-old Emily Houpt of Charlotte; and 19-year-old Drew Pescaro of Apex.

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