DNA dilemma

Crime | New federal guidelines to expand genetic sampling create more questions over whether more information is too much
by Daniel James Devine
Posted 5/31/08, 12:00 am

LOWELL, Ind.- When a fleck of blood, a hair root, or a body fluid sample arrives at the State Police DNA lab in Lowell, Ind., it may be the only piece of evidence collected from a crime scene. Its value, however, will be high for both victim and criminal: If its DNA matches up in the system, the crime may be solved.

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Sentence served

Crime | Once prisoners are freed, who helps them get back on their feet?
by Zoe Sandvig
Posted 5/17/08, 12:00 am

WASHINGTON, D.C.-Washington, D.C., native Michael Pinckney, 52, has a diverse resumé: supervisor of computer technologies, paralegal, waiter, chef, and federal prisoner.

It's not one that lands him many jobs-or even many interviews. Since he was released from jail in February, after serving 22 months for violating his probation, he hasn't found a single employer willing to give him a second look.

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Sedgwick County Jail via The Wichita Eagle/AP

Great escape?

Crime | Abortionist George Tiller may be poised to dodge a grand jury indictment
by Lynn Vincent
Posted 3/22/08, 12:00 am

Kansas pro-life and pro-abortion activists held their collective breath in January when a grand jury was seated to investigate George Tiller, who infamously specializes in ultra-late-term abortions. They kept holding their breath when a Wichita grand jury requested 2,000 of Tiller's patient records. And they held it some more when District Judge Paul Buchanan on Feb. 1 amended the request to 250 records chosen at random-50 for each of the past five years.

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