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Dreams shattered

Crime | Three people charged with pornography-related crimes last week
by Alicia Constant
Posted 7/25/11, 02:10 pm

Parry McCluer High School used to have a champion football team. But since 2004, they haven't won more than three games a season.

Football coach Matthew Wheeler was hired to change that losing streak. But less than a month after he was hired as the school's head football coach, he was arrested for allegedly posting links to child pornography on an online bulletin board.

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Multiple marriages

Crime | Woman convicted of bigamy married 10 times, embezzled money from tenth husband
by Alicia Constant
Posted 7/18/11, 07:53 pm

A Gloucester woman has been sentenced for embezzling money from her 10th husband.

Shirley Smith-Smart, 71, pleaded guilty in June to taking more than $11,000 from Kenneth Smart's bank account. Visiting Judge Joseph E. Spruill sentenced Smith-Smart to five years in prison on Tuesday in Gloucester County Circuit Court. If she pays restitution, she will only serve one year.

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Criminally high

Crime | Fredericksburg men indicted for smuggling cigarettes to a New York black market created by excessive tobacco taxes
by Alicia Constant
Posted 7/16/11, 03:10 pm

The owner and two employees of a Fredericksburg gas station were indicted in U.S. District Court this week and charged with trafficking contraband cigarettes from Virginia to New York.

A grand jury charged Vijay Nanubhai Patel, 50, Pullin P. Amin, 30, and Diveshkumar Desai, 23, with one count of conspiracy to traffic in contraband cigarettes and six counts of trafficking in contraband cigarettes. The grand jury also charged Mars and Roshni Inc., the company that owns the Citgo gas station, with failure to maintain cigarette sales records.

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