Crime | AG Cuccinelli says no criminal too small for expanded Medicaid fraud unit
by Editorial staff
Posted 9/07/11, 08:08 pm

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli says his office's effort to stop Medicaid fraud isn't about dollars.

Last year, the office's Medicaid Fraud Control unit recovered more than $15 million from fraudulent providers. It has recovered $800 million over the course of the program. The unit's staff has increased from more than 40 employees to nearly 80 since Cuccinelli took office in 2010.

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Explanations and excuses for English riots

by Cal Thomas
Posted 8/16/11, 02:10 pm

BELFAST, Northern Ireland-Some of those caught looting stores last week in Britain were asked why they did it. Four teenagers explained to Sky News that they viewed it as "a shopping spree." One teen blamed the government: "They say [they] are going to help us but I don't see any of it. There has to be more opportunities and jobs. Help us at least and then maybe everyone will settle down."

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Hamilton (L) and son at May trial (AP file photo)

Fast fall (updated)

Crime | Promising Republican lawmaker doomed by rare corruption conviction sentenced to 9 1/2 years
by Alicia Constant
Posted 8/08/11, 03:09 pm

Three years ago, Phil Hamilton was a major player in Virginia's General Assembly and the heir-apparent to command of the House Appropriations Committee, which controls state government's purse strings.

Last week, Hamilton was sentenced to 9 1/2 years in prison for bribery and extortion convictions.

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