Echo churches

Religion | Many evangelicals want to worship with partisan comrades
by Russell St. John
Posted 9/13/18, 03:23 pm

Evangelical churches have become political echo chambers—and many of their congregants prefer it that way. Surprisingly, younger evangelicals—those 35 to 49 years old—desire homogeneity more than their elders.

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Associated Press/Photo by Steve Lundy/Daily Herald

Willow Creek guts leadership in wake of Hybels scandal

by Lynde Langdon
Posted 8/09/18, 11:48 am

The entire board of Willow Creek Community Church and its remaining lead pastor, Heather Larson, announced at a church meeting Wednesday night they were stepping down. Their departures follow the abrupt resignation of Lead Teaching Pastor Steven Carter on Sunday and the publication of another report of sexual harassment involving church founder and former Pastor Bill Hybels.

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Emre Tazegul/AP

Dictatorial ideologies

Culture | Hyper-sexualism and hyper-Islamism impact cultures and courtrooms an ocean apart 
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 8/02/18, 04:58 am

Two court dramas in the last half of July and 6,000 miles apart showed the need for two new hyphenated words: hyper-sexualist and hyper-Islamist.

Definitions of the words’ cores run like this: Stressing sex as a central concern of life. Believing that Islam should be a central concern of not only individual living but political and societal structuring.

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