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Black & blue

Police | In a tense climate for police officers—including many minorities—pursuing relationships with a sometimes-jaded public remains key to serving and protecting citizens
by Emily Belz, Jamie Dean & Daniel James Devine
Posted 2/06/15, 01:00 am

CAMDEN, N.J. and GARY, Ind.—When Randy Brashears attended a law enforcement convention in Orlando, Fla., the police chief from Massachusetts found protesters from Miami waiting for the policemen at the convention center.

“Hands up, don’t shoot,” they chanted to passing officers at the event late last year.

It was a familiar slogan demonstrators across the country used to protest the shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown by white police officer Darren Wilson during a confrontation in Ferguson, Mo., last August. 

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Does your city measure up to Indianapolis?

Cities | Motivated by faith, many ministries in this Midwestern city bear fruit in their good works
by Russ Pulliam
Posted 1/24/15, 02:59 pm

INDIANAPOLIS—Is my hometown a faith-based city? Or do other medium-sized U.S. cities have more than a handful of good works rooted in Christianity?

We would like for you, our readers, to help us answer the question about other cities (either by commenting below or writing to WORLD’s June McGraw), but Indianapolis’ story is intriguing and growing.

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Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images

Police protests have consequences

by D.C. Innes
Posted 1/05/15, 11:00 am

There should have been nothing remarkable in Carson Daly sporting a NYPD cap for hosting the NBC New Year’s Eve coverage from Times Square. It was New York City after all, and New York’s finest were keeping everyone safe in the target of choice for jihadist terrorists. But he sparked a Twitter storm of praise and vile cursing. Such is the mood.

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