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Grief in New York over officers' deaths

Police | Murder of NYPD officers rends the city with more pain and upends the conversations around Eric Garner's death
by Emily Belz
Posted 12/22/14, 12:10 pm

NEW YORK—Grief piled on top of grief in New York after the execution-style murder of two New York Police Department officers on Saturday as they sat in their patrol car.

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Remembering Baxter Shavers

by Warren Cole Smith
Posted 12/17/14, 02:32 pm

The deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.,  and Eric Garner in New York City sparked protests around the country. These incidents raised important questions about race and the use of military tactics by the country’s police departments. They need answers, and the national conversation we are having is necessary—however uncomfortable it is.

And, of course, every American brings a different perspective to that conversation. Police have pulled over young black men for DWB—driving while black. Their stories deserve to be heard.  

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Community crisis

Police | New Yorkers wrestle with police relations after Eric Garner ruling
by Emily Belz
Posted 12/12/14, 01:00 am

NEW YORK—David Beidel has been a pastor in Staten Island for more than 20 years. His church, New Hope Community, is across the street from the West Brighton Housing Projects, and many of his congregants are low-income minorities. Beidel is also the president of the Staten Island Association of Evangelicals, a surprisingly diverse group of 20 evangelical churches on the majority-white Staten Island.

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