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Flying through Denver

Travel | For a billion dollars, will it get any easier?
by Joel Belz
Posted 7/30/18, 03:17 am

Almost 20 years ago, when Denver International Airport was still brand new and I may have been a little too brash, I detailed in this space some of the airport’s most noticeable problems. A few Denver residents have never quite forgiven me.

Now I read that our friends in the Mile High City are getting ready to spend over a billion dollars updating and expanding the fifth-busiest airport in the United States. Yes, I said a billion dollars. For that kind of money, maybe I can sneak in a few kind words.

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Mary Altaffer/AP

New York swamp

New York | The convictions and reconvictions of New York politicos are symptoms of a putrid political body
by Emily Belz
Posted 7/18/18, 12:28 pm

A New York moment: 

Good luck keeping up with all the corruption trials going on here in the Empire State. Since the U.S. Supreme Court let off Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell in 2016, setting a higher legal standard for corruption cases, federal judges here have tossed out corruption convictions of two top New York politicians. 

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 Christians in Parliament

Summer salt

United Kingdom | Pastor Tim Keller speaks to UK parliamentarians, and Mossad finds a special watch
by Emily Belz
Posted 7/10/18, 04:12 pm

A New York moment in London:

New York pastor Tim Keller, who recently retired from Redeemer Presbyterian Church, spoke to a group of British members of Parliament in late June at the United Kingdom’s National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast. The audience of 170 included members of Parliament and the House of Lords, as well as Prime Minister Theresa May. 

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