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New York security blitz

Cities | Residents forgot what it was like to have a president in town
by Emily Belz
Posted 11/12/19, 01:05 pm

A New York moment: 

On Sunday night I was walking on the eastern side of Midtown near Trump Tower, and noticed police everywhere with checkpoints and dogs. But my mind didn’t put two and two together, and I asked a police officer what was going on. 

“Trump,” he said.

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New York City bans foie gras

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 10/31/19, 10:49 am

Roughly 1,000 New York restaurants that offer foie gras—the fattened liver of a duck or goose—will likely have to strike the dish from their menus. Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to sign a bill banning the sale of the French delicacy after the New York City Council passed it on Wednesday.

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Family attraction

Cities | New Yorkers ask: How can cities become more appealing to families with children?
by Emily Belz
Posted 9/25/19, 05:58 pm

A New York moment: 

For the last century New York City, particularly Manhattan, has been a place that families leave once they have school-age children, a migration mostly due to high rents and a spotty education system. Last week smart New Yorkers—The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson, the Manhattan Institute’s Kay Hymowitz, and property developer Brad Hargreaves—gathered at a Manhattan Institute event to discuss this issue over the clatter of tiny plates of cured meats and marinated olives.

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