Church Movements
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Coming home

China | Chinese students who become Christians in America face challenges when they return to China—even within the church
by June Cheng
Posted 9/12/17, 10:18 pm

SHANGHAI—After graduating with a communications degree from Purdue University, Maggie Jiang prayed for God to show her where to go next—stay in the United States or return home to China. Jiang, who had professed faith her first year of college, felt the Lord calling her to go back to China to evangelize her unsaved parents and friends. So she packed her bags and headed to Shanghai, where she found a job as a video editor for a new media company.

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Signs from heaven

Lifestyle | Churches for the deaf in China and Taiwan know how to preach the gospel without words
by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 7/27/17, 09:51 pm

TAIPEI, Taiwan—In a dark suit and clerical collar, pastor Peter Wu stood at the pulpit and motioned for 50 congregants gathered in a basement sanctuary to join him in prayer. He prayed for wisdom and boldness for anyone returning to their hometowns that weekend to celebrate Tomb Sweeping festival, a Chinese holiday venerating one’s ancestors.

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The opposite way

Voices | Jihadist attacks in Europe are growing, but so are churches willing to enter its Muslim-majority enclaves
by Mindy Belz
Posted 7/05/17, 10:08 pm

PARIS—At Guy Moquet metro stop on line 13, no one is waiting for a train running in the direction of Seine-Saint-Denis. The platform is empty. Heading out to the suburbs, or the banlieues of Paris, on an otherwise busy Friday morning feels like a journey in the wrong direction.

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