Church Movements
Sarah Holcomb

A Dalit’s dilemma

India | For some, a choice between livelihood and Christian identity
by Sarah Holcomb
Posted 1/31/19, 12:19 pm

For Dalits—formerly known as “Untouchables”—in rural southern India, officially declaring their Christian faith comes with a cost: Leaving Hindu caste identity requires Dalit Christians to abandon government benefits such as free college tuition and potential job opportunities.

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Daniel Ochoa de Olza/AP

The year in preview

Society | Ideal circumstances and political victories aren’t necessary for fruitful life in 2019
by Jamie Dean
Posted 1/02/19, 04:56 pm

As 2019 began, the 110 newly elected members of Congress arrived in Washington, D.C., to less of a fresh slate than a fresh slew of problems: A partial government shutdown trudged into its second week, with each party blaming the other for the impasse.

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Great awakenings

China | Understanding Christianity’s appeal to Chinese hearts
by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 3/29/18, 03:21 pm

Mary Li Ma and her husband Jin Li collaborated to write Surviving the State, Remaking the Church: A Sociological Portrait of Christians in Mainland China. Through hundreds of interviews with Christians all across the country, Ma and Li show how Christianity transforms the lives of believers, including their views on education, marriage, charity, and nationalism. Here are edited excerpts of my interview with Ma, who grew up in China and professed faith while earning her Ph.D. in sociology.

How did you come to Christ?

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