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Education in a quarantine is full of sharp learning curves

Education | Parents, students, and teachers are helping each other grapple with coronavirus classrooms. But it’s more challenging for some than others
by Jamie Dean
Posted 5/05/20, 05:47 pm

FOR RUTH TIALPAR, learning that her children’s Christian school would shift to online instruction during the coronavirus shutdown wasn’t the first time she had faced educational adversity: Growing up in a village in Burma, Tialpar suffered crippling polio and sometimes literally dragged herself to school.

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Responding to ‘the unimaginable’

Sexual Abuse | When a trusted individual sins in a way that can ruin dozens of young lives, Christian groups and communities need to respond quickly. Here’s one case study of ongoing recovery
by Harvest Prude & World Journalism Institute students
Posted 8/16/18, 04:21 pm

By Harvest Prude with Nicole Ault, Esther Eaton, Leah Hickman, Alyssa Jackson, Joshua Meribole, and Madison Miller

Sioux Center, Iowa, pop. 7,500, is a tight-knit, trusting community. Originally settled by Dutch Reformed immigrants in the 19th century, the town sports well-manicured green lawns, few fences, unlocked houses and cars, and numerous churches. Church and state exist in rare harmony. Public and Christian schools share buses. The city and Dordt College, a Christian institution, share a swimming pool and athletic facility.

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