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States' witness

Charity | Moral lawmakers make more moral laws
by Rusty Leonard & Warren Cole Smith
Posted 9/06/08, 12:00 am

Evangelical pastor Rick Warren moderated a forum with John McCain and Barack Obama. A coalition of groups including Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council, and the American Family Association will hold its annual Values Voters Summit just weeks before the November election. And every year or so another magazine lists the most influential evangelical groups or leaders.

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Four for fighting

Charity | Clash escalates between ministries and lawmaker
by Rusty Leonard & Warren Cole Smith
Posted 8/09/08, 12:00 am

On July 7, Charles Grassley, the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, announced that only two of the six televangelists from whom he had sought information have made good faith and substantive responses.

The two are Joyce Meyer (Joyce Meyer Ministries) and Benny Hinn (World Healing Center Church). The other four ministries-led by Randy and Paula White, Eddie Long, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, and Creflo and Taffi Dollar-have so far failed to engage in what Grassley called "open and honest dialogue" with his staff.

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Aid and comfort

Charity | When it comes to giving, Americans are not so ugly after all
by Rusty Leonard & Warren Cole Smith
Posted 7/26/08, 12:00 am

The myth of the "ugly American" has become so pervasive that it has become a stereotype: loud, loutish, and selfish.

The truth is very different, at least when it comes to charitable giving. Americans are the most generous people on the planet, and they mostly don't toot their own horns about it.

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