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The other stimulus

Charity | Concern over Obama's public spending need not overlook his call for private service
by Mark Bergin
Posted 2/28/09, 12:00 am

President Barack Obama called the nation to service in the weeks leading up to his inauguration. And on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Americans across the country responded, fanning out to soup kitchens, neighborhood cleanup projects, blood banks, and numerous other helpful community initiatives in every state. About 13,000 such projects generated a widespread sense of participation in Obama's presidential installment and the accompanying promise of change.

Now what?

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Profound witness

Charity | Giving money in tough times says much about Christian security
by Rusty Leonard & Warren Cole Smith
Posted 1/31/09, 12:00 am

William Lobdell's recent book Losing My Religion chronicles his conversion to Christianity-and his subsequent rejection of Christianity after a decade of covering religion for the Los Angeles Times. Many of those stories had to do with Christians and the way they handled money.

"Evangelicals don't give anywhere near 10 percent of their income to charity," Lobdell said. "Only a very few, often on the fringes of mainstream or evangelical Christianity, behave with their money as if they believe the Gospel is actually true."

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Mad about Madoff

Charity | Bernard Madoff scandal shuts down charities
by Warren Cole Smith & Rusty Leonard
Posted 1/17/09, 12:00 am

The news that former Nasdaq chairman Bernard Madoff may have defrauded investors of as much as $50 billion sent yet more waves through the jittery financial markets. Those waves ended up being tsunamis for some charities, at least three of which will close their doors entirely as a direct result.

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