Aid dependents

Charity | World Relief's almost-hire spotlights ministries need for government funds
by Warren Cole Smith
Posted 9/11/09, 03:50 am

World Relief is

the compassion and benevolence arm of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE). "We're not the mouth of the NAE, but we are its arms and legs," said Don Golden, the group's senior vice president of church engagement.

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Group giving

Charity | The Barnabas Group emphasizes community as key to successful investment
by Warren Cole Smith
Posted 8/28/09, 07:41 am

"In down economic times, charities complain about money, but a lack of money is a symptom, not a cause," said Bob Shank, one of the founders of the Barnabas Group, a network of business leaders who help Christian ministries. "The cause of the problem is more often a lack of creativity and collaborators. That's where we can help."

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Art Ally (Photo by Nicholas Butler)

Investing by the Book

Charity | Biblically Responsible Investing is slowly catching on among evangelicals
by Warren Cole Smith
Posted 8/14/09, 04:55 am

A quiet revolution has taken place over the past 30 years in corporate America. Driven by such groups as the pro-gay Human Rights Campaign and the pro-abortion Planned Parenthood, large corporations such as JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America have become major funders of liberal social action. And since 1973's Roe v. Wade decision, more and more healthcare companies are directly involved in the abortion industry.

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