Graham in North Korea (AP/Photo by Kyodo News)

Controversial compensation

Charity | Franklin Graham's pay package is unlikely to lead to suspension from a financial accountability group
by Rusty Leonard
Posted 10/13/09, 07:09 pm

CHARLOTTE, N.C.-After the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's hometown newspaper, The Charlotte Observer, on Friday devoted more than 3,000 words to the controversy over the compensation packages of Franklin Graham, the younger Graham announced he will give up his salary with the association (BGEA). As son of evangelist Billy Graham, Franklin Graham heads both the relief organization Samaritan's Purse, which is based in Boone, N.C., and BGEA, where he became CEO in 2000 and president in 2001.

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Tom Williams/RollCallPix/Newscom

Religious nuts

Charity | ACORN over the years has received strong support from mainline churches
by Warren Cole Smith
Posted 10/09/09, 04:38 am

A tiny ACORN has grown into a huge mess.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) has received more than $54 million in federal funding since 1994. But that federal funding is likely to end following scandal, allegations of illegal activity-and an overwhelming Sept. 17 vote by both houses of Congress to defund the group: 345-75 in the House and 85-11 in the Senate.

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Faith-based fraud

Charity | Indiana increases penalties for con artists who use religion to target victims
by Warren Cole Smith
Posted 9/25/09, 04:11 am

When church leaders want to raise money for building programs, they often turn to companies like Indiana-based Alanar, which trains these leaders to sell bonds to fellow church members. In Alanar's training is advice to open meetings with prayer, quote Scripture during the sales call, and "never sell the facts, sell warm stewardship and the Lord."

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