Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli (AP)


Charities | Attorney General Cuccinelli's office defends his opinion that the state cannot fund private charities
by Zachary Abate
Posted 5/02/11, 12:48 pm

?The Virginia Attorney General's office released a letter last week to explain Ken Cuccinelli's opinion that the state cannot fund private charities. Cuccinelli's January advisory opinion caused an uproar throughout the state when funding to several charity organizations was cut earlier this year.

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Not here, not there

Charity | A new zoning ordinance restricting social service agencies continues the tension between the City of Fairfax and the Lamb Center homeless shelter
by Zachary Abate
Posted 2/09/11, 04:16 pm

The worst thing about being homeless, said John MacPherson, Executive Director of the Lamb Center in Fairfax, "is not being cold, it's not being hungry, it's not being dirty. It's being ignored."

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Sen. Grassley (Associated Press/Photo by Harry Hamburg)

Probe concluded

Charity | Sen.
by Warren Cole Smith
Posted 1/14/11, 01:45 pm

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, concluded his three-year probe into the financial affairs of six prosperity gospel televangelists without handing down any penalties even though only two ministries fully cooperated with the investigation.

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