The good news and bad news on giving

by Aimee Stauf
Posted 6/25/13, 01:19 pm

Americans donated more to organizations last year than they have since the start of the recession, according to a Giving USA report released last week. The 3.5 percent increase to education, the arts, health, religion, etc., seems promising, but with inflation that number gets cut more than half—down to 1.5 percent. And after four years of dwindling donations, many charities still struggle to make ends meet. Giving to religious groups, which mainly includes houses of worship, has dropped 2 percent when adjusted for inflation.

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Photo courtesy of Vernon Murphy

Run the good race

Charity | A tiny Pennsylvania charity's modest grants ease the burden for local cancer patients
by Kathryn Blackhurst
Posted 4/25/13, 09:50 am

On April 9, 2010, at 6:30 a.m., Vernon Murphy woke up, rolled out of bed in his Coatesville, Pa., home and resolved to run.

He hated jogging, but he got up anyway. Because Murphy got up that morning, pulled on his shorts, laced up his shoes, and then gasped his way through a half-mile run, Barbara, who has advanced ovarian cancer, could cover last month’s rent. Gerry, who has scalp, lung, and colon cancer, could pay his electric bill. Darlene, who has late-stage colorectal cancer, got help with her medical bills.

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Associated Press/Photo by Tom Gannam (file)

Yes, soup for you! And for someone else

by Tiffany Owens
Posted 3/28/13, 05:12 pm

The suggested retail price for a steaming serving of turkey chili in a bread bowl at Panera Bread is normally $5.89. But customers ordering that menu item at cafés in St. Louis can now pay more, less … or nothing at all.

Panera’s pay-what-you-can model, part of the company’s charitable hunger-fighting initiative, was first tried in the St. Louis suburb of Clayton in 2010, but this week the company expanded it to all 48 cafés in the metropolitan area.

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