Gun control and charitable deduction control

by Marvin Olasky
Posted 2/19/13, 04:35 pm

As Congress is debating gun control under the glare of media spotlights, a quiet threat is emerging under the radar: charity contributions control.

Non-profit groups that rely on contributions are America’s chief poverty-fighters (alongside job-creating businesses). They care for orphans, refugees, and those who are ill. They feed people materially and spiritually, fight illiteracy and provide tutors, help those who want to leave gangs and prostitution, and do thousands of other useful tasks.

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Photo via Facebook

Beer and philanthropy

by Noelle Garnier
Posted 2/04/13, 04:00 pm

In a historic Portland residential district, a large green sign pinned to a red-brick store front announces the Oregon Public House: “Have a Pint: Change the World.”

Beer and philanthropy don’t usually go together, but the Oregon Public House, due to open in February, is the latest in a new kind of charitable enterprise some are calling “philanthropubs.”

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Associated Press/Photo by Toby Talbot

With #GivingTuesday nonprofits hope to start an annual tradition of giving

by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 11/27/12, 10:49 am

After “eat-’til-you-drop” Thursday (also known as Thanksgiving), “shop-’til-you-drop” Friday, and “shop-’til-you-get-carpal-tunnel-syndrome” Monday, charities are trying to make today “Giving” Tuesday, where more than 2,000 nonprofit organizations, religious groups, and corporations are encouraging people to give to their causes.

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