Hannah Roden

A place for kids

Hope Awards | Southwest Region winner Navajo Ministries: A New Mexico ministry has communicated Christian values and hope to Navajo children for 64 years
by Sophia Lee
Posted 6/16/17, 02:53 pm

FARMINGTON, N.M.—The first time Taylor Benally made a snappy remark to his house parents, they silently pumped fists. Making snippy comebacks isn’t extraordinary teenage behavior, but it was a milestone for the 13-year-old Taylor. Like most other kids at Four Corners Home for Children, a childcare program mostly for Navajos in Farmington, N.M., Taylor came from a dysfunctional family. When he first arrived at Four Corners in 2013, the boy was so reserved and insecure that any time he showed signs of self-assertion, everyone cheered.

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Stuart Thurlkill/Genesis

Mentored into motherhood

Hope Awards | Northwest Region winner Hope Pregnancy Ministries: A Montana pregnancy ministry walks with women and their babies from conception to birth—and beyond
by Sarah Schweinsberg
Posted 6/15/17, 02:57 pm

KALISPELL, Mont.—A 19-year-old girl with a nose ring and hair pulled tight into a ponytail walks into a waiting room, carrying a car seat. A gaggle of women swarms her. She lifts a blue-eyed, fair-haired baby out of the car seat, and the oohs and aahs turn into laughter.

“Sorry we bombarded you,” one nurse says. “You saved her life,” the young mother replies, looking down at her baby. “So I owe it to you guys.”

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Onize Ohikere

High on the smile index

Hope Awards | International Region winner Village of Hope: A Zambia-based orphanage cares for poor and orphaned children while promoting economic sustainability
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 6/15/17, 02:56 pm

CHISAMBA, Zambia—On a windy Sunday morning at the Village of Hope—a 230-acre orphan village located 30 miles north of Zambia’s capital, Lusaka—dozens of children and a few adults gathered for worship at the VOH community center, which was surrounded by tall grass, pathways muddy from weeks of rainfall, and other brick buildings.

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