The dilemma faced by generous people

by Bill Newton
Posted 2/27/16, 01:56 pm

Over a 10-day period around Christmas, 75 charities solicited my 97-year-old mother-in-law. My wife and I received just 15. My curiosity was aroused. Why such a difference? What should she and others like her do?

So I read the solicitations, sorted them, and researched each charity at Charity Navigator’s website. Its system rates charities on a zero-to-four scale, with four being the highest rating.

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Wounded Warrior Project accused of lavish spending, inflating assistance

by Laura Finch
Posted 2/04/16, 08:30 am

Media and charity watchdog groups are taking aim at Wounded Warrior Project (WWP), the nonprofit juggernaut that assists wounded and disabled veterans upon their return to the U.S. Critics are assaulting the group over its spending choices—and its claims about how many veterans it serves. 

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Krieg Barrie

Helping without giving

Charity | Fruitless fundraising appeals don’t have to go in the wastebasket
by Joel Belz
Posted 11/14/14, 01:00 am

Ready to trade in one bothersome blizzard for another? Goodbye to the avalanche of political commercials you’ve endured for the last six months from your TV, your mailbox, your computer, and your phone. Thankfully, the politicians’ pitches are over—unless you happen to live in Louisiana, where a runoff in the race for the U.S. Senate is set for early December.

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