David Kamerman/Genesis

Clean moms, happy kids

Hope Awards | Northeast Region winner New Life Home: At an opioid recovery program for women in New Hampshire, children remain an integral part of their mothers’ daily lives
by Emily Belz
Posted 6/15/17, 02:55 pm

MANCHESTER, N.H.—Children’s laughter bouncing off the walls: New Life Home has that sound, and typical long-term drug recovery programs don’t. A shy, smiling 2-year-old runs around the white clapboard home with peanut butter on his chin: His mother had escaped a gang and planned to abort him before meeting a New Life graduate. The mom is now a graduate of the program and became a Christian in the process.

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Chuck Cook/Genesis

Creating a new pattern

Hope Awards | Southeast Region winner Delta Streets Academy: Christian school fights deep poverty and despair
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 6/15/17, 02:54 pm

GREENWOOD, Miss.—Our Hope Awards Southeast Region winner is Delta Streets Academy (DSA), a 5-year-old Christian school in Greenwood, Miss. You might wonder why: Hundreds of Christian schools exist south of the Mason-Dixon Line and east of the Mississippi. Some, born in the 1960s, are not five years but five decades old. So why spotlight a relative newcomer?

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Hope for children, help for families

Hope Awards | The 12th annual Hope Awards for Effective Compassion
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 6/09/17, 10:44 pm

Abortion advocates still use the old gibe about evangelicals being pro-life only up to birth, but that’s always been hype attempting to slime hope. Christians two centuries ago were in the forefront of the fight against slavery. Christians now are creating orphanages, foster care homes, and schools as well as pregnancy care centers—and even opioid recovery programs for those whose lives have gone sour.

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