Preserving Habitat

Charity | Millard Fuller forced to leave the house he built
by Lynn Vincent
Posted 12/18/04, 12:00 am

On the Richter scale of organizational shakeups, the one at Habitat for Humanity rates at least a 7.0, maybe higher. But strangely, the shift of Habitat founder Millard Fuller from CEO into a largely ornamental position on the group's letterhead is registering as a mere tremor.

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Bell curve

Charity | Donations are becoming harder to get and kettle-keepers harder to find for the venerable Salvation Army
by John Dawson
Posted 12/04/04, 12:00 am

DALLAS - Tillie Enriquez shakes her jingle bells as a young Asian girl approaches with a few coins. Even before the girl can find the cross-shaped hole in the red kettle, Ms. Enriquez thanks her: "May the Lord bless you." Before the girl walks away from the Salvation Army kettle, Ms. Enriquez adds, "You may have a candy cane if you like." The child does.

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The loser's circle

Charity | Many organizations are increasingly enticing donors with sweepstakes
by Dorothy Moore
Posted 12/21/02, 12:00 am

DISPOSABLE CAMERA IN HAND, the balding, gray-haired man sits in his leather recliner by the front door, confident a limousine with a trunk full of cash will arrive shortly. He is still in his dark blue suit hours after returning from the Sunday service. After making hundreds of donations to charitable organizations, this Pennsville, N.J., man has been assured repeatedly that he is in the running for a huge sum of money. He is in the "winner's circle."

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