Papa of pop

Charity | Music star Steven Curtis Chapman promotes adoption on tour
by Mark Bergin
Posted 5/14/05, 12:00 am

Christian pop star Steven Curtis Chapman is challenging sold-out crowds on his current "All Things New Tour" to undertake the biblically mandated task of caring for orphans. And his audience is listening.

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Profiles in compassion

Charity | Most Americans wouldn't have to travel far to find a group that is remembering the poor and helping them change their lives
by Barbara J. Elliott
Posted 12/18/04, 12:00 am

From sea to shining sea, biblical compassion is alive and well in the United States. Here are capsule profiles of eight organizations that help the poor not only during the Christmas season but all through the year.

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Preserving Habitat

Charity | Millard Fuller forced to leave the house he built
by Lynn Vincent
Posted 12/18/04, 12:00 am

On the Richter scale of organizational shakeups, the one at Habitat for Humanity rates at least a 7.0, maybe higher. But strangely, the shift of Habitat founder Millard Fuller from CEO into a largely ornamental position on the group's letterhead is registering as a mere tremor.

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