Creflo Dollar

'Church' and state

Charity | Religious nonprofit organizations are required to share their tax returns
by Warren Cole Smith
Posted 1/26/08, 12:00 am

Some 750,000 religious nonprofit organizations in America are required by law to share their Form 990 tax returns with anyone who asks to see them. Form 990s reveal income, and also information such as the compensation of key executives.

But what if you don't want people-including Sen. Charles Grassley of the Senate Finance Committee-to see your tax returns? No problem. Just call yourself a church.

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Bodies, not souls

Charity | A group that feeds children does not a ministry make
by Warren Cole Smith
Posted 1/12/08, 12:00 am

Viewers of The Inspiration Networks, Trinity Broadcasting Network, and Sky Angel are familiar with heart-wrenching infomercials from the Christian Children's Fund (CCF). Founded in 1938, it is one of the nation's largest relief organizations, with a 2006 income exceeding $206 million. It is also average or slightly above average in financial efficiency, with less than 20 percent of CCF income typically going to fundraising and administrative costs.

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Millions served

Charity | Community centers launched by McDonald's heiress spread help and hope
by Lynn Vincent
Posted 4/07/07, 12:00 am

SAN DIEGO- Three years old and decked out in a pink and green bikini, Kahmyah Stuart ducks below the surface of a turquoise pool at San Diego's Kroc Center and flippers away like a seal. Trouble is, Kahmyah doesn't know how to swim with her head above water. Neither has she realized the importance of coming up for air. So her grandmother, Kim Ervin, 45, trails her, bounding along the bottom of the pool to be there when Kahmyah, inevitably, pops up sputtering.

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