Kovacs Family

'True religion'

Charity | Adoption funds allow the entire church to care for orphans
by Rusty Leonard & Warren Cole Smith
Posted 11/01/08, 12:00 am

When Jason Kovacs and his wife Shawnda were newly married, they developed a strong passion for adopting. "We were convicted by James 1:27, which said that 'true religion' involved looking after orphans," Kovacs said. But as a young couple on the staff at a church-Minneapolis' Bethlehem Baptist Church-the estimated $20,000 needed to adopt a child was simply beyond their means.

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Influencing the influencers

Charity | Hoping for cultural transformation at Ivy League schools
by Rusty Leonard & Warren Cole Smith
Posted 10/18/08, 12:00 am

Matt Bennett is founder and president of the Christian Union, an organization attempting to recover a vital Christian expression on the eight Ivy League campuses-seven of which began as explicitly Christian colleges. (Cornell is the exception.)

Bennett is unapologetic in proclaiming that as the Ivies go, so goes America. After all, those colleges have produced a disproportionate number of U.S. political and legal leaders, including President George W. Bush and eight of the nine current members of the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Jessica Hill for WORLD

Access granted

Charity | A federal program helps faith-based groups help those fighting substance abuse
by Alisa Harris
Posted 10/04/08, 12:00 am

Homelessness is like a black hole, Debbie* said, and she's afraid that one day she's going to disappear into it: "Some people, this is their way of life. I get scared that I'm going to get sucked into this vortex of homelessness."

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