Onize Ohikere

High on the smile index

Hope Awards | International Region winner Village of Hope: A Zambia-based orphanage cares for poor and orphaned children while promoting economic sustainability
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 6/15/17, 02:56 pm

CHISAMBA, Zambia—On a windy Sunday morning at the Village of Hope—a 230-acre orphan village located 30 miles north of Zambia’s capital, Lusaka—dozens of children and a few adults gathered for worship at the VOH community center, which was surrounded by tall grass, pathways muddy from weeks of rainfall, and other brick buildings.

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David Kamerman/Genesis

Clean moms, happy kids

Hope Awards | Northeast Region winner New Life Home: At an opioid recovery program for women in New Hampshire, children remain an integral part of their mothers’ daily lives
by Emily Belz
Posted 6/15/17, 02:55 pm

MANCHESTER, N.H.—Children’s laughter bouncing off the walls: New Life Home has that sound, and typical long-term drug recovery programs don’t. A shy, smiling 2-year-old runs around the white clapboard home with peanut butter on his chin: His mother had escaped a gang and planned to abort him before meeting a New Life graduate. The mom is now a graduate of the program and became a Christian in the process.

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Chuck Cook/Genesis

Creating a new pattern

Hope Awards | Southeast Region winner Delta Streets Academy: Christian school fights deep poverty and despair
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 6/15/17, 02:54 pm

GREENWOOD, Miss.—Our Hope Awards Southeast Region winner is Delta Streets Academy (DSA), a 5-year-old Christian school in Greenwood, Miss. You might wonder why: Hundreds of Christian schools exist south of the Mason-Dixon Line and east of the Mississippi. Some, born in the 1960s, are not five years but five decades old. So why spotlight a relative newcomer?

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