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Following God at all costs

by Bill Newton
Posted 4/12/14, 11:59 am

“On Wall Street you will hear many people give opinions,” a partner with a financial firm warned a group of interns. “You must learn to watch where people put their money and not where they say you ought to put it. Their actions will tell you more than their talk.”

It was a good lesson, one that has application for biblical Christians. As Matthew wrote, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

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Associated Press/Photo by Nick Ut

Trauma care? There's an app for that

by Mark Russell
Posted 4/04/14, 10:00 am

In the hospital of the future, information can be blasted out in real time to the iPhones of trauma team members on their way to the ER. By the time doctors and nurses assemble, they won’t need to be brought up-to-speed because they will already know the patient’s history and vital signs.

A team of Los Angeles doctors has partnered with the U.S. military to make such improvements to emergency patient care, where seconds can mean the difference between life and death.

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Associated Press/Photo by Marcio Jose Sanchez

Silicon Valley's Russia troubles

by Tiffany Owens
Posted 4/02/14, 02:10 pm

Tension between Russia and the West over Ukraine has halted Russian investment in the United States’ Silicon Valley-based tech industry.

“It’s safe to say a lot of investors here are taking a step back to see how the situation will unfold,” said Alexandra Johnson, who manages a California-based, $100 million venture fund at VTB, the Bank for Foreign Trade of Russia (formerly Vneshtorgbank). The pause proves that U.S. sanctions against Russia may affect stateside economies, as well.

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