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New York, University of California adopt $15 minimum wage

by Jae Wasson
Posted 7/24/15, 09:38 am

Maybe New York’s fast-food workers shouldn’t be celebrating their new $15 minimum wage. While advocates for a higher minimum wage say it will help workers, conservative economists warn not all will benefit.

The same day the state of New York announced its new minimum wage for fast-food workers, the University of California system also announced it will start paying all employees at least $15 an hour.

The raises come amid a growing movement to increase wages for low-skilled workers.

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Sweet Cakes raises almost triple state fine on faith-based funding site

by Sarah Padbury
Posted 7/22/15, 04:35 pm

Christians looking to raise funds for religious liberty causes have a new crowdfunding option that won’t kick them off the site for defending their faith.

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We're in 'big' trouble

by Bill Newton
Posted 7/18/15, 11:51 am

In recent years, businesses—particularly insurance companies, banks, automakers, and defense contractors—have consolidated into bigger and bigger entities. Is this ethically beneficial to a burgeoning capitalistic society? The beauty of capitalism is that good products/services provided at desirable prices will capture a market. Good decisions and implementation are rewarded. Poor ones result in failure. Bigness changes this equation. Let’s look at five arguments against the bigness trend:

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