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What Jack Ma can re-teach America

by Cal Thomas
Posted 9/23/14, 12:57 pm

In the fairy tale Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Ali Baba, a poor woodcutter, is in the forest when he hears a group of robbers approaching on horseback. Afraid, he climbs a tree and hears one of the men say, “open sesame.” A door opens in a rock and the men go in, the door shutting behind them when another says, “close sesame.”

When they leave, Ali Baba climbs down and approaches the rock. He says, “open sesame” and it opens for him. Inside he discovers jewels and gold, which he takes, becoming rich himself.

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Leadership principles from 1 Samuel

by Bill Newton
Posted 9/06/14, 11:13 am

Leaders come in all shapes, sizes, and personality types. Nothing brings this into sharper focus than reading the Bible.

I’m in a group of men studying 1 Samuel, anticipating the life lessons we’d learn from David. Yet we’ve been struck most vividly by the example set by Jonathan, Saul’s son and heir to the throne.

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Associated Press/Photo by Jeff Chiu

Personal taxi services confound regulators

by Michael Cochrane
Posted 7/29/14, 02:15 pm

As the marketplace gives birth to the peer-to-peer, or sharing, economy, app-driven personal taxi services are feeling the labor pains. The ride-sharing service known as Lyft recently added New York City to its list of markets served. But that happened only after Lyft knuckled under to city demands that it use only city-licensed taxi drivers, not just average folks, as it does in other markets.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission, which regulates cabs, said Lyft was breaking the law and jeopardizing public safety.

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