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GoFundMe's 'crowdfunding for everyone' isn't really for everyone

by Sarah Padbury
Posted 4/29/15, 05:35 pm

GoFundMe’s home page states its purpose in bold font: Crowdfunding for Everyone! But “everyone” doesn’t include people undergoing certain types of litigation. Over the weekend, GoFundMe shut down two campaigns raising money for two small businesses accused of violating state anti-discrimination laws.

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Associated Press/Photo by Jim Mone

Mega Miami retail project proves malls aren't dead yet

by Christina Darnell
Posted 3/20/15, 03:55 pm

It used to be that when you needed a new outfit, or a family birthday present, you headed to the mall to browse the stores, try on clothes, and compare prices. Now, with the breadth of products available via smartphone—courtesy of the internet—plus, free shipping and easy return policies, shoppers are increasingly opting instead to shop from the comfort of their couches.

And that’s taken a harsh toll on many brick-and-mortar shopping centers in the last 10 years.

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Wikimedia Commons/Royalbroil

Family Christian Stores drops bankruptcy plan

Business | Largest Christian retailer in the U.S. must now go back to the drawing board to find a new restructuring plan
by Lynde Langdon
Posted 3/18/15, 12:38 pm

Family Christian Stores has withdrawn a proposal for a controversial bankruptcy plan criticized by debtors for ties between the seller and buyer that were too close for comfort.

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