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Bronze linings

Economy | The economic news may be terrible-but it's not uniformly bad
by Timothy Lamer
Posted 1/17/09, 12:00 am

A slew of sometimes-record bad economic reports emerged as 2008 wound down last week. But if you look hard enough, not all of the financial news is bad, and some good news may keep the economy from worsening next year.

The bad news made big headlines:

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Congress balks

Economy | Despite Harry Reid's assurances that Congress will release $350 billion in bailout funds by week's end, Republicans and Democrats in Congress aren't biting
by Emily Belz
Posted 1/14/09, 12:00 am

How to convince a majority of 534 lawmakers to release $350 billion for financial bailouts when the last $350 billion has yet to reach taxpayers in the form of credit where they need it? Senate Majority leader Harry Reid says he has the votes to get the cash on its way to the Treasury Department, while Speaker Nancy Pelosi tries to rally support in the House by arguing that President-elect Obama will oversee the billions of spending better than President Bush has. Votes on the legislation could happen as early as Thursday.

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No trade-off?

by Alex Tokarev
Posted 1/13/09, 03:10 pm

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