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Prairie economics

Economy | Responsible parts of the country aren't doing too badly, and they'll get the bill for stimulus and the bailouts
by AWR Hawkins
Posted 3/28/09, 12:00 am

AMARILLO, Texas-Barack Obama and congressional leaders sold the stimulus bill with doomsday scenarios set in New York, California, and several other states. But what's in it for Amarillo, a Texas panhandle city of 170,000 people who generally go to work, love their families, and love their churches?

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Why waste a good crisis?

by Alex Tokarev
Posted 3/24/09, 03:39 pm

When does the character of a people weaken? I found the following answer in a book about the Roman Empire:

"When they give over to government those duties which they should be pleased to perform themselves. When they are told they will be fed and sheltered even when they won't work, when they are promised security from the cradle to the grave, when they are told the state will take over the supervision of their children and say what schooling they should receive and where. When they are told all these things and supinely accept them."

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What's after trillions?

by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 3/23/09, 11:44 am

What's the next big number after a trillion? I'm embarrassed that I don't know. Never thought I would need to know before.

I asked my father and he said there's no such thing as numbers past a trillion. (He still thinks there are only a few million stars, because that's what there were when he went to school.)

"Of course there is a number after a trillion!" Mom said. You can always add one more number to any number.

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