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by Alex Tokarev
Posted 4/28/09, 04:08 pm

"How can we keep the government we create from becoming a Frankenstein that will destroy the very freedom we establish it to protect?" asks Milton Friedman in his masterpiece Capitalism and Freedom. Alas, a new generation of Americans is asking, "How do we use the government to take what belongs to others to provide for a carefree life for ourselves?"

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Mei-Chun Jau/Genesis Photos

Safe harbor in a storm

Economy | More families than you will hear about have found ways to recession-proof their finances
by AWR Hawkins
Posted 4/25/09, 12:00 am

Tune in to any 24-
hour news outlet and you will hear that hard times are forcing more and more families to turn to the government for help-but families that are making it on their own get little attention. I asked four families in the middle of the country how they are getting by.

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John Boehner (AP/Photo by Haraz N. Ghanbari)

Guidance needed

Economy | A new government report finds that states are having trouble tracking federal stimulus money
by Edward Lee Pitts
Posted 4/23/09, 12:00 am

WASHINGTON-A government study released a little more than two months after the passage of President Obama's $787 billion stimulus package reveals that states do not have the resources to guard against waste, fraud, and abuse as the billions of dollars are doled out.

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