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Sweet Cakes raises almost triple state fine on faith-based funding site

by Sarah Padbury
Posted 7/22/15, 04:35 pm

Christians looking to raise funds for religious liberty causes have a new crowdfunding option that won’t kick them off the site for defending their faith.

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We're in 'big' trouble

by Bill Newton
Posted 7/18/15, 11:51 am

In recent years, businesses—particularly insurance companies, banks, automakers, and defense contractors—have consolidated into bigger and bigger entities. Is this ethically beneficial to a burgeoning capitalistic society? The beauty of capitalism is that good products/services provided at desirable prices will capture a market. Good decisions and implementation are rewarded. Poor ones result in failure. Bigness changes this equation. Let’s look at five arguments against the bigness trend:

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Government suspects airline collusion keeping ticket prices high

by Abby Reese
Posted 7/03/15, 09:50 am

The U.S. government is investigating four major airlines for colluding to limit available seats to keep prices high.

On Tuesday, American, Delta, Southwest, and United airlines received letters from the Justice Department demanding copies of all communications between the companies.

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