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Recipe for a grocery revolution

Business | COVID-19 shutdowns spurred new cross-industry relationships and consumer demand for new delivery methods. Some changes may be permanent
by Katie Gaultney
Posted 5/22/20, 11:06 am

The sounds of rolling grocery carts, overhead music, and the occasional loudspeaker announcement are all you hear at this Tom Thumb grocery store in North Dallas. A majority of shoppers have masks covering their noses and mouths, so there’s little talking, even among employees. Red squares on the floor mark the proper “social distance” customers should observe, and yellow fliers remind customers to limit their quantities of certain items: eight yogurts, two dozen eggs, and one package of toilet paper. 

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Associated Press/Photo by Sue Ogrocki (file)

Planned Parenthood received stimulus loans

by Harvest Prude
Posted 5/20/20, 01:17 pm

The nation’s largest abortion provider improperly took out $80 million in loans meant for small businesses. Fox News reported that affiliates of organizations like Planned Parenthood with more than 500 employees are ineligible for the Paycheck Protection Program loans Congress included in the $2 trillion economic rescue package.

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Associated Press/Photo by Nam Y. Huh (file)

Economy sends mixed signals

by Lynde Langdon
Posted 5/15/20, 12:08 pm

U.S. retail sales and manufacturing output plummeted to record lows in April. The COVID-19-induced slump caused clothing store sales to contract by 79 percent. After households cleared supermarket shelves of food, toilet paper, and other necessities in March, grocery sales fell by 13 percent in April, according to a report released on Friday by the U.S. Commerce Department.

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