Big predicaments

Children's Books | Four tales of adventure
by Mary Jackson
Posted 7/05/18, 11:48 am

The Penderwicks at Last 

Jeanne Birdsall

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Novels and biography

by Susan Olasky
Posted 7/05/18, 11:04 am

Clock Dance 

Anne Tyler

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Ever-expanding entitlements

Books | A history lesson on the federal government’s well-intentioned programs that have become unaffordable and counterproductive
by John F. Cogan
Posted 6/23/18, 09:23 am

John F. Cogan’s history of federal entitlement programs, The High Cost of Good Intentions, warns us that the ice we skate on has grown thinner decade-by-decade. Both Democrats and Republicans are now kicking the can down the road, apparently uncaring that the iceman soon cometh. Cogan provides useful case studies of measures that were sensible, self-limiting, and freedom-enhancing, like the GI Bill, and current ones that grow as each benefit expansion leads to future entitlements that leave worthy original goals no longer recognizable.

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