Man-made notions

Books | Exploring academic pretensions
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 1/31/19, 12:57 am

When walking Greeley, my dog named after the 19th-century editor, I sometimes listen to Conversations With Tyler, a podcast featuring interviews by a smart George Mason U. economics professor who leans toward libertarianism. But Tyler Cowen’s Stubborn Attachments (Stripe, 2018) offers two philosophical starting points that cancel out each other. First, “‘Right’ and ‘wrong’ are very real concepts which should possess great force,” and second, “We should be skeptical about the powers of the individual human mind.”

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Four recent mysteries

Books | Exploring academic pretesions
by Susan Olasky
Posted 1/31/19, 12:53 am

City of Ink

Elsa Hart

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The need to plow

Books | The disruptive, exhausting, unsettling work that’s necessary for evangelism in the 21st century
by Alan Noble
Posted 1/26/19, 01:41 pm

Alan Noble’s Disruptive Witness: Speaking Truth in a Distracted Age was on WORLD’s short list for 2018 Book of the Year in the Accessible Theology category. Noble notes that the sower in Jesus’ parable found some good soil not by chance but because he or others had cultivated it—and we need to do the same in a culture where the gospel is one of thousands of options, and buffered selves intensely adopt stances after seeing compelling viral images on Facebook.

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