The arrogance of scientism

Books | Its pervasiveness in our culture attempts to push ethical and religious thought aside
by J.P. Moreland
Posted 7/27/19, 02:31 pm

Just about every college student now learns that natural science is the supreme intellectual authority, while theology depends on blind faith, emotion, and cultural upbringing. In Scientism and Secularism, philosophy professor J.P. Moreland points out that such scientism—making science supreme—is not “a friend of science but rather its enemy.” Humble science tells us what is testable, but believers in scientism pretend to know about past and present what they can’t possibly know.

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Illustration by Gerald L. Holmes

Tempers and tallies

Books | A cowboy needs anger management and accounting skills
by John R. Erickson
Posted 7/20/19, 12:01 pm

John Erickson doesn’t write parables, but some of his stories about the cowboy life he once lived would work well in church. The Bible refers to us as sheep, sometimes without a shepherd, but we also act like cattle and anger the Owner of the ranch.

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Reading menagerie

Children's Books | Four picture books about animals
by Susan Olasky
Posted 7/18/19, 03:21 pm

A Father’s Love

Hannah Holt

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