Remembering Cowboy Country

Books | Living the dream of working with the best
by John R. Erickson
Posted 2/16/19, 01:07 pm

John R. Erickson, well known as the author of the great Hank the Cowdog series of children’s books, knows cowdogs because he was first a cowboy. He worked on ranches in the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles for eight years, and in 1986 wrote a book titled Cowboy Country based on his experiences along the Beaver River in 1978 and 1979. I’ve put excerpts from that book into four baskets labeled spring, summer, fall, and winter.

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In worlds away

Children's Books | Teen fantasy from Christian publishers 
by Charissa Crotts
Posted 2/14/19, 03:08 pm

King’s War

Jill Williamson

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Sci-fi and fantasy

Science Fiction
by John Ottinger III
Posted 2/14/19, 03:04 pm

Unholy Land

Lavie Tidhar

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