Pro-Life evangelism

Books | Pro-life activism: Deadly detour or high road to the gospel?
by George Grant
Posted 10/05/96, 12:00 am

A recent bestseller released by a prestigious evangelical publisher--Zondervan's Deadly Detours, by Bob Briner--derides the pro-life movement as a "deadly detour" from the "central task of proclaiming the gospel." The author unflatteringly describes the contemporary struggle for the unborn as the very antithesis of an authentic Christian witness in the world--it is, he says, loveless, judgmental, merciless, confrontational, angry, self-righteous, and dangerously prone to violence.

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Wonk! if you love policy

Books | New titles break the mold of morality-based policy analysis
by Doug Bandow
Posted 8/31/96, 12:00 am

Good policy books by Christians are distressingly rare. Those written from a self-consciously Christian perspective all too often demonstrate a dismal understanding of economic realities and practical politics. (An important exception, recently cited by George Grant, is David Hall's Savior or Servant?, from the Kuyper Institute in Oak Ridge, Tenn.) Pure policy books, in contrast, rarely acknowledge the possibility, let alone relevance, of a larger moral order.

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Beltway Books: A shelf full of scandal

Books | Life on the dole, two lifeless candidates, and a lively debate
by Doug Bandow
Posted 8/17/96, 12:00 am

A lot is at stake in the upcoming election, though you wouldn't guess it from listening to the candidates. Helping to illustrate what is at stake is the Government Assistance Almanac, an 870--page volume detailing more than 1,370 federal programs with $1 trillion available for the well--connected. If you want to live off of the federal government, this is the book for you! There are program descriptions, agency addresses and phone numbers, and a comprehensive index.

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