Books: The peace of Jerusalem

Books | Three works to help grasp the significance of this historic city
by George Grant
Posted 6/08/96, 12:00 am

According to the Talmud, "Of the 10 measures of beauty that came down to the world," this little rocky ridge "took nine." The glorious cradle of civilization, the prodigious wellspring of faith, and the passionate powder keg of ardor, there is no other place on earth where so much has occurred for so long and affected so many.

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Beltway Books: The enemies of America

Books | A look at our cultural, political, economic, military challenges
by Doug Bandow
Posted 5/25/96, 12:00 am

Even President Clinton believes in individual responsibility and family values, or so he recently told students at Penn State. That America's moral fabric is under siege is evident from Maggie Gallagher's excellent The Abolition of Marriage: How We Destroy Lasting Love.

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Beltway Books: Beyond the soundbites

Books | Four works explore today's political issues from the inside out
by Doug Bandow
Posted 5/11/96, 12:00 am

With an initiative to end affirmative action on the California ballot, racial quotas may become one of this year's hottest issues. In Ending Affirmative Action: The Case for Colorblind Justice, Terry Eastland, a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, demonstrates how affirmative action, whatever its original purpose, now "makes a virtue of race, ethnicity, and sex in order to determine who gets an opportunity and who does not. To call it by its proper name, it is discrimination."

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