Beltway Books: Laying up treasure

Books | Exploring the economics of free trade and retirement
by John W. Alexander
Posted 10/19/96, 12:00 am

For a time, trade became perhaps the hottest issue in the presidential race, with Patrick Buchanan hoisting the banner of economic nationalism and Robert Dole chasing after Buchanan with a rather tepid "me, too." But the issue has disappeared from the general election, with both major party candidates supporting significant government intervention while rhetorically embracing free trade.

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Journalist strikes back

Books | Will wonders ever cease?
by Doug Bandow
Posted 10/05/96, 12:00 am

Since members of the liberal media have long been beating the drums for affirmative action, it is only appropriate that a leading journalist now criticize the practice. With Backfire, ABC News correspondent Bob Zelnick delivers a devastating critique of today's racial spoils system.

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Pro-Life evangelism

Books | Pro-life activism: Deadly detour or high road to the gospel?
by George Grant
Posted 10/05/96, 12:00 am

A recent bestseller released by a prestigious evangelical publisher--Zondervan's Deadly Detours, by Bob Briner--derides the pro-life movement as a "deadly detour" from the "central task of proclaiming the gospel." The author unflatteringly describes the contemporary struggle for the unborn as the very antithesis of an authentic Christian witness in the world--it is, he says, loveless, judgmental, merciless, confrontational, angry, self-righteous, and dangerously prone to violence.

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